Pipe Sealants

Seal Tite Liquid Sealant-Black-White-Advisable For G.I. Pipe and Fittings

  • Makes Perfect Excellent Adhesion And Bonding For Leakproof Pipe Joining For All Types Of Metal Pipes And Fittings.
  • Quality Formulation For Thread Locking, Sealing, Bonding And Gasketing.
  • Withstands Action Of Hot And Cold Water, Solvents Such As Petrol, Oil, kerosene, chemicals Such As Salt Solutions and Dilute Acids, corrosive Gases Such As Sulphur dioxide, ammonia Etc.
  • Ideal For Residential Plumbing, Industrial
  • Storage: Store in Cool and Dry Place At Room Temp.
  • Shelf Life: 12 Months

PACKING SIZE 50 g 100 g 200 g
500 g 1 kg